Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows news article

I’m so proud of all my student that showed an amazing amount of grit and determination at our 2024 ISKFBC provincial tournament yesterday. There were 131 competitors in 55 divisions. Our dojo results are as follows.

Aiden C. Amelia, Malcolm -Bronze team kata
Aliya H. -Silver kata -Bronze kumite
Amelia – Silver kumite
Luke S. -Bronze Kumite
Bohdi P. -Bronze Kata
Jackson K. -Bronze Kumite
Jaylin -Bronze Kumite
Axel – Bronze Kumite
Caleb – Bronze Kata
Niahm -Bronze Kumite
Rico -Bronze kata & Silver Kumite
Picha – Bronze Kata
Alina -Bronze Kumite
Casey -Bronze Kata & Bronze semi-free style kumite & Bronze Free style kumite
Lauryn -Silver Kata & Silver semi-free style & Silver free style kumite
Katie -Bronze kata & Bronze semi-free style kumite & Bronze free style kumite
Ryan L. -Silver Kata & Bronze Free style kumite
Martina – Gold kata & Silver free style kumite